Well, Halloween is right around the corner…

I notice Tumblr likes art, so here are a few things that I make. Not really conventional, but you can use it or wear it :D

These need to be real books someday, I don’t care how; just make it so.

BAM! I have remembered that I have a Tumblr. 

I’ve been thinking and this is going to sound crazy and some people might think it’s dumb…But i kinda want to start an The Aquabats cover band. This ideas been floating around my head for a while. 

If this dream happens. I’m hoping for a all girl parody band! 




just look at him

so adorable

he deserves more love

so majestic

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My almost finished Pablo plastic canvas/cross stitch project. And i wanted to show off my shirt…It’s not jammies but i love it!

Sometimes i get mad at myself and think “WHY! why didn’t i know about The Aquabats years ago?” I feel like i’ve missed out on so much.